Please read our terms and conditions carefully and feel free to ask if something is unclear.

  1. Drivers from the European Union (EU) must hold a valid driver’s license issued in the EU.
  2. Drivers from outside of the EU require an International Driver’s License (IDL).
  3. IDL must be accompanied by a valid driving licence issued in the holder’s country of citizenship – National  Driver’s License (NDL).
  4. NDL issued in USA, Australia, Canada and some other countries are NOT accepted without IDL. You can learn more about it here or ask us. New-style NDL issued in Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia and some other countries are accepted without IDL.
  5. Drivers must hold a valid license for at least one (1) year.
  6. Minimum age for renting a vehicle due to the insurance terms is 23 years old. There is no any limit for maximum age.
  7. No credit or debit card is required.
  • A minimum rental period is one (1) working day.
  • At the end of a rental period first 30 minutes are free of charge after which the Lessee will be charged with a minimum of one full day rental.
  • In order to book a car advance payment in the amount of 20-25% of the rental cost is required. Advance payments are not refundable.
  • Reservations always refer to a group of vehicles (A, B, C, etc.). Requests for certain car models will be fulfilled as far as possible. However delivery of a specific model cannot be guaranteed.
  • Traffic fines for disregarding traffic signs, excessive speed, parking in prohibited areas etc. are to be paid by Lessee.
  • Shipping of the rental vehicle is not permitted due to insurance terms.
  • Road assistance is provided 24 hours a day. In case of vehicle trouble, it will be replaced by another of the same or higher category, except if it is used in violation of the rental agreement.

Mileage: Unlimited mileage is included in our rates.

Taxes: V.A.T. (Value Added Tax) 24% is included in our rates.

Additional Driver: One (1) additional driver can be registered without any additional charge.

GPS: The extra charge for GPS is 5€/day upon request.

Child Seats: Baby seats and boosters are available free of charge upon request.

Helmets: When renting a motorbike or ATV, a helmet is provided free of charge. Using helmets is mandatory.

Key Loss: Lessee is liable for all costs to replace keys which have been lost or damaged and the cost of retrieval of keys which have been locked inside a vehicle.

No Smoking: All cars are non smoking. Evidence of smoking in the car will result in a cleaning fee.

Cleaning fee: The interior should not be excessively dirty (no sand, litter, no sea salt or food spots on the seats).The exterior should not be excessively dirty (not covered in mud or dust when driving off-road). A car returned excessively dirty is subject to a cleaning fee.

  • Fuel is not included in rental rates.
  • Lessee is obliged to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as it had when collected (“same to same” fuel policy).
  • A fuel tank may not be full. The fuel level is always to be noted in a rental agreement ( ¼, half full, ¾, etc.)
  • In the case of returning the vehicle with less fuel, Lessee will be charged with the fuel difference.
  • No refunds are issued for vehicles returned with more fuel than when collected.
  • Lessee is fully responsible and carry the repair cost if a wrong fuel type is pumped into the vehicle.
  • Information on a fuel type and fuel consumption can be obtained from Lessor.


    For your convenience, the full insurance package is included in the rental by default.


    Please read our insurance terms carefully and feel free to ask if something is unclear.

    1. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) limits the Lessee’s liability in the event that the rental vehicle is damaged, subject to the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. Rather than the full damage cost, Lessee is generally only responsible for the first portion, known as an “excess”.
    2. Third Party Liability Insurance (TPLI) covers Lessee’s liability for the damages caused to a third party in the event of collision.
    3. Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) is life and health insurance for Lessee and his/her passengers in case of an accident.
    4. Theft Waiver (TW) covers Lessee’s liability for costs incurred by theft of the rental vehicle, subject to the return of keys. TW does not cover personal belongings.
    5. Fire Insurance (FI) covers damage caused to the rented car due to fire.
    6. Road Assistance Service (24/7)
    All of the above is included in the rental price by default.

    Collision Damage Waiver technically is not an insurance. Essentially, CDW is Lessor’s refusal to claim losses from Lessee (up to the full value of the vehicle) in case of damage.

    Instead of that in case of damage of the rental vehicle Lessee is liable just within the Excess amount which is always clearly stated in the rental agreement.

    CDW may not apply when required procedures, such as reporting to the police at the site of the accident, are not made.

    CDW do not cover damage of the underside body of the vehicle, tires and rims.

    If more than one accident occurs during the rental period, the CDW will apply only to the first accident.

    CDW do not cover any damage in case of violations of the conditions for use of the vehicle or the rental agreement.

    An excess is a maximum amount to which Lessee may be liable in the event of damage caused to the rental vehicle during the rental period.

    Lessee shall not be liable to pay a CDW excess if he or she is not at fault in the accident according to the police report.

    Lessee should present the official accident report from the police about the accident within 24 hours.

    CDW excess amount is 200 €. It is not to be paid by Lessee in advance but on the fact of damage.

    In some cases, the excess amount may differ depending on some circumstances such as renting an expensive or brand new model vehicle, too young age of a driver, little driving experience.

    An excess amount is always clearly stated in the rental agreement.

    In case of a breakdown stop the rental vehicle if necessary in the safe place so as not to cause more damage.

    Find out your location as exactly as possible. Any information may be useful – names of villages, taverns around, road signs, directions. Ask local people to help you with this.

    No stress and panic ! We won’t leave you there. But we need time to make some phone calls, send you help, get to you, find you which sometimes is not easy at all.

    Call us. The telephone numbers you can find always in the rental agreement. You can call with the mobile network but also via Viber or Whatsapp if there is any available WiFi connection.

    Inform us what have happened, which our vehicle you have (model, number plates) and where you are.

    Try to relax and wait for help. Good if you find something to do – enjoy the sun, the sea, the local food or anything else you have near to the place of breakdown. But don’t forget to keep the rental vehicle in sight until help arrives and stay in touch.

    In case of an accident make sure that everybody is OK and safe. If nessesary give aid to injured persons.

    Turn on the hazard lights in your car (especially at night), so that no one else is injured and the accident isn’t made any worse.

    Call the police (100), if necessary call ambulance (166). Call us. The telephone numbers you can find always in the rental agreement. You can call with the mobile network but also via Viber or Whatsapp if there is any available WiFi connection.

    Take notes, pictures of the cars involved, of all license plates involved, as well as of photos of the scene and any damage.

    Gather information from other driver(s) and any witnesses – full names, addresses and phone numbers.

    Do not admit fault, even if you think it was your fault – let the police and insurance determine that.

    Don’t leave the scene without approving things with the police first.

    If by any chance the other involved party leaves the accident place, take a photo or write down the plate number.

    Lessee is obliged to pay for repairing costs of any damage caused to the rental vehicle if the use of the car is not proper, as listed below:

    1. The vehicle is operated on any unauthorised road, non-asphalt road, dirt road or off-road (eg. Balos, Gramvousa).
    2. The renter violates traffic rules (eg. red traffic light, stop-sign, over speed limits, road direction).
    3. The vehicle is operated in any race, speed test, rally or contest or the vehicle is used for the purpose of reward (taxi or courier service).
    4. The vehicle is driven by any person disqualified from holding or has never held a driver’s licence appropriate for that vehicle or is not a registered driver in this agreement.
    5. The driver of the vehicle is under the influence of alcohol or any drug that affects his ability to drive the vehicle.
    6. The vehicle is operated outside of the hire or any agreed extension of that term.
    7. The vehicle is willfully or recklessly damaged by Lessee (eg. burning out a clutch, sitting/standing on the bonnet/boot/roof of the vehicle, damages to the vehicle interior).
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